Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan

Ray Harryhausen

If I had unlimited funds to make a film, it would be stop-motion.  There is something magical (and mostly uncanny) that happens when you see the inanimate come alive on screen.  Stop-motion animation has been quickly replaced by the stream-lined and more cost efficient computer-generated animation, but there is a charm and realism that stop-motion offers that has yet to be replicated by CGI, in my opinion. Continue reading


The New Miyazaki

“A Sky Longing for Memories: The Art of Makoto Shinkai”

I was wandering around our local Barnes & Noble bookstore when I came across an unusual book.  A few copies were laying in the “Entertainment” section, shelves which have dwindled in recent years except for Joss Whedon autobiographies and the scripts from “Downton Abbey.”

The book was titled “A Sky Longing for Memories:  The Art of Makoto Shinkai.”   Continue reading

The Show Must Go On

Kirsten Dunst in the upcoming second season of “Fargo”

(Disclaimer:  I realize the following news has nothing to do with movies, and I do not make a habit of writing about television shows.  However, I will make a feeble attempt at making this work by saying that the TV series “Fargo” is loosely based on the Coen brothers’ film of the same name).

The trailer for season two of “Fargo” has just been released, and it got me thinking about a recent trend in television.   Continue reading

New Review: “The Best Offer” (2013)

Sylvia Hoeks and Geoffrey Rush in “The Best Offer”

   I’m a bit rusty getting back into the critiquing game, but my first attempt is what is probably bound to be a guilty pleasure movie for me.  “The Best Offer” (Giuseppe Tornatore, 2013) features one of my favorite actors of all time, so my review may have included a bit of bias.  However, it is an interesting film that I would (and have) recommend to anyone who asks.

   You can read the review HERE.

Documentary Now!

Fred Armisen and Bill Hader in “Documentary Now!”

Here to welcome me back to the world of blogging is news about the forthcoming IFC series “Documentary Now!,” starring comedians Fred Armisen (Portlandia, SNL) and Bill Hader (SNL).

Continue reading

Mark Your Calendars!

Since I missed most of these in the theaters (or live in such a place where these films aren’t released), I’ll be putting aside this week’s paycheck for these upcoming DVD releases: Continue reading

New Review: “Jack the Giant Slayer” (2013)

Ewan McGreggor, Eleanor Tomlinson, and Nicholas Hoult

   It still amazes me that the little awkward boy from “About a Boy” grew up to be, well, that (above, right).  It would also seem that there is still some hope left for director Bryan Singer (“The Usual Suspects,” “X-Men,” “Superman Returns”).  With all  of Hollywood scrambling to make their own cool versions of classic fairy tales, Singer did this one right.  Read my review HERE.